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Riverview Prescription Pouches

Personalized Prescription Pouches


Safe & Accurate

No More Lines or Waiting

Free & Secure Delivery


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How it Works

A Riverview associate will review your current medications and contact your prescribers, arranging for new prescriptions to be sent to our pharmacy

Your prescribed pills will be grouped together in personalized pouches

Each pouch is organized by time of dose and day

Free delivery of all your prescriptions - to your door or care facility

Medications such as creams, inhalers, drops, and insulin will be packaged separately

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"The Riverview prescription pouches are so convenient. When I’m traveling or at home, no more bottles and pill organizers, just Riverview pouches. I take whatever supply I need when traveling in easy to pack strips. I never have to worry about running out of medications due to my patient advocate who calls me monthly to set up the next free delivery."

/ Mary B. - Wheatfield, NY. /


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Get Started

1. Your Current prescription list

2. Your Current doctor & Insurance information

3. Your Payment information for any co-pay

4. Your Complete HIPAA and NY State required forms

5. Our commitments to you:

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Medicare Drug Coverage Rights

Notice of Privacy Practices

Consent to Use and disclose pHI

Riverview Scope of Services

Standards of Conduct